Software Testing

Software Testing Services

We apply proven testing techniques and methodologies to perform different types of test to surpass our client’s quality expectations, establish and maintain effective and productive processes to ensure consistent quality of our software testing services. Whatever the complexity, we always adapt our services so they fit into our client’s world. And it is the ability to create new tailored service offerings quickly from our standard service elements that allows us to keep adding value to our clients as their business and environment change.

We provide a wide range of premium-quality testing service for the following:

  • Telecom product verification
  • E-commerce product verification
  • Mobile application (iOS, Android) verification
  • Our services include:

    Full product validation and verification

    Involves the production of test cases and test plans (Functional Testing, Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing), testing is carried out to make an informed assessment on the stability of application’s features.

    Software maintenance

    Bug fixing, customer support, software upgrade and patching

    Automation test

    Involves data-driven automated test scripts with automated test tools. We can help you to build automation of the test environment as early as possible and design it into the system from the outset

    Related Service

    We build products and platforms that are designed to help speed up the innovation process and flexibility to meet customer needs and that are performant, robust, scalable and maintainable.

    Project Development

    We will analyse your problem domain,business requirements and propose functionalities .

    Infrastrcture Services

    Support with product introduction, selection, migration & maintenance


    Our Software Service experts can help you in all phases of your DevOps adoption.