Infrastructure Service

Strategic Consulting

We supply architecture and design services for all advanced infrastructure solutions, virtualisation, storage solutions, core network infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery, compliance and outsourcing needs. So, whether its time to review your IT strategy, evaluate new technology, design architecture, manage the deployment of new technology or understand IT best practice, we offer independent, vendor-free advice to make it happen.

Innovatz Capability & Strength

Provide skilled resources to run Infrastructure operation by using implemented tooling technologies Provide Experts Skill for Implementation of tooling technologies Resourced are certified / trained to operate under service management frameworks like ITIL

Capability Matrix

Technologies from Banking, Telecom, Engineering, Mobile Apps, Infrastructure and etc

Data Center Management

  • Flexible connection between the end users and our business enablement
  • wherever and whenever it is needed seeking guaranteed service levels
  • Maintain and track
    user satisfaction

Workplace Management

  • Our IT support services can help you improve end user productivity and satisfaction
  • Ensure that employees have access to the applications and information they need
  • IT professionals will be free to focus on larger business goals

Service Desk

  • Innovatz call centre is staffed with knowledgeable, friendly and patient call centre agents
  • For telephonic support, troubleshooting or network administration Clients can create an incident request by contacting Innovatz service desk

Related Service

We build products and platforms that are designed to help speed up the innovation process and flexibility to meet customer needs and that are performant, robust, scalable and maintainable.

Project Development

We will analyse your problem domain,business requirements and propose functionalities .

Infrastrcture Services

Support with product introduction, selection, migration & maintenance


Our Software Service experts can help you in all phases of your DevOps adoption.